Welcome to this series where I break down the different skincare suggestions for each decade of your life starting with your 20s.

Let’s get it cracking

The 20s are where you set your skincare foundation and I am sorry to say after your teenage years it is pretty much downhill from there. I joke. What I mean is that once your body stops actively growing it is slowly starting to decline with the decline accelerating as you get older.

The irony of this is that when you are able to make the most significant impact on your skin is when you are least likely to care because you feel invincible. But you are here which means you are ready to get started.

The skincare goal for your 20’s

The goal in your 20s is to build healthy skincare habits that will serve you for the rest of your life, as well as lay the foundation when your skin is at its most resilient and able to recover.  This way you can treat any or address any challenges you notice with your skin. But what are the most important steps in your 20s

Sun protection

Roughly 25% of sun damage occurs before the age of 18, which means that 75% of the signs of ageing caused by sun exposure can be significantly reduced if you take sun care seriously from your 20s.

Although the signs of sun damage do generally show up in your 30s, they are a sign of your past behaviour. So wear sunscreen or don’t your skin will let us all know because the effects are cumulative meaning that they add up over time. So wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen both UVA and UVB with an SPF of at least 30 or more all day every day even when it is cloudy.

Looks for one that works with your skin type the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, create a nice even finish and can cause fewer breakouts. Also, don’t forget to reapply every one to two hours.

Eye cream

Starting in your 20s your skin begins to lose its some subcutaneous fat and collagen production decreases this means the youthful-looking skin you had at 21 may have disappeared by 30. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest in your body which means any signs of ageing will start to show themselves here.

Because our eyes show the first signs of ageing using an eye cream with antiaging and skin-plumping ingredients. starting in your 20s is the best way to take preventive measures against premature ageing eye cream.

Start with retinol


In your 20s your skin starts to lose the ability to repair so including an antiaging treatment like retinol is important. Retinoid is the only skincare ingredient proven to treat the skin, build collagen as well as reverse photo ageing (sun damage).  So start with a mild over-the-counter retinol product which is less irritating and use it every night. Consistent use will not only help wrinkles from forming but will also help keep acne at bay.

Cleanse properly

You have probably started wearing makeup on a regular basis which means cleansing your skin properly is not even more important. And by cleansing, I don’t mean stripping your skin of every natural oil it has. This is a good time to revaluate your cleansers because what worked for you a pimply teenager may be way too harsh for your skin in your 20s. So start h double cleansing and get an effective water-based cleanser that will clean without stripping.

Exfoliate but gently

 While exfoliation is important starting in your 20s it is easy to overdo it with the scrubs, brushes, microbeads and everything in between.  Don’t traumatize your skin pick a method and stick with it and please in the name of all that is holy do not use apricot scrub! Use a mild acid toner, that combined with your retinol will give your skin all the exfoliation it needs.


Address any skin condition you have treating them as quickly as possible prevents the possibility of scaring. Because the longer you have an infection or inflation the more likely you are to scar. So if you don’t want to deal with scars which are more difficult to treat, then address the underlying issues immediately.

This is also a great time to look at other habits in your life, that have a significant effect on how your skin looks in the long term. Smoking for example ages you at least 10 years in advance combined with heavy drinking, alcohol and a lack of exercise? Your body simply cannot cope with all the insults being thrown at it will show on your face. So get your habits in check.

Sample skincare routine for your 20s



  • Neutrogena alcohol-free toner


•           Pixi Glow tonic


  • The ordinary Retinol in Squalene
  • The ordinary Vitamin C spheres  


  • Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer


  • Neutrogena hydro boost SPF

To understand the effect that sun exposure has on your skin in your 20s and beyond the post LEARN ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUN PROTECTION, SPF vs P+++ is there a difference to learn how to choose the best sun protection for your skin. Another set of posts which may be useful is the retinol the beginner's guide,double cleansing so you know how to properly clean your skin as well as the guide on exfoliation and dangers and how to deal with the side effects of over-exfoliation.

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